Travelling around the world people always buy souvenirs. Should they stop doing it? No, but they should buy only nice or useful stuff!

I still remember the first time I was to Venice in Italy. I bought a small plastic gondola thinking to have something typical. Was it true? No, like 99% of souvenirs, it was a Chinese product. And exactly the same thing can happen to you in Prague, as well.

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This is an absolutely non commercial blog and for this moment I don’t offer any tourist services in English language. I just want to enjoy writing! But you are right, I must make my living in some way :).

I started blogging about Prague and the Czech Republic a year ago, in July 2010. Not in English but in Italian language. In one year I’ve written 150 articles about history, monuments, life in Prague, etc. The old blog is very successful and has become the most visited website about Prague in Italian language.

Firstly, I used to offer only private tours. But after a year I started to have so many requests that I had to change my way of working. Actually I’ve started with a daily city tour in Italian language. It means the people pay a small amount of money per person, I put them on a bus and take them around the city centre of Prague. The city tour is much cheaper then a private guide and, if organized in one language, it still offers a great quality.

Well, guys, once I will reach 1000 visitors a day on this blog, I will start providing the same service in English, as well.

KARLSTEJN CASTLE: HISTORY & TOUR AROUND THE CASTLE: The Karstejn castle was founded by the Holy Roman Emperor Charles IV Luxembourg in 1348. And it took only 9 years to build the main part of this wonderful construction. Between the years 1357 and 1365 the decoration – including 129 painted wooden desks by Mr. Theodoric – was made.

The Karlstejn Castle was designed to protect the imperial crown jewels and many holy relics. So, besides all the beauty, it was a great fortress that could resist to all the enemies. Btw. It was conquered only by the Swedish army at the end of the Thirty-Years War.

The castle was carefully restored at the end of the 19th century (1887-1899) by Josef Mocker. But it didn’t loose anything of its medieval appearance.

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IS IT TRUE THAT THE CZECH FOOD IS DISGUSTING? Lots of people say that the food in Prague’s restaurants is horrible. Is it true or not? You can even find many posts confirming that some „travel gurus“ were nearly intoxicated by the Czech cuisine. They usually advice people to take a sandwich from the breakfast buffet, to eat in the fast foods like Mc Donald’s and KFC, or to go to the cheapest restaurants in Prague. Well, if they really did so I’m not surprised that they find the Czech cuisine disgusting.

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When I opened this blog about Prague and the Czech Republic I’ve promissed myself to create only world-class articles. And here’s another one! A breathtaking story about the Vysehrad castle in Prague. Btw. you can read the same story here … but it sounds like Wikipedia and it sucks :)!

It is said that the Vysehrad Castle dates back to the legendary times of the Princess Libuse. She had magical skills which helped her to predict the glory and the beauty of future Prague. Well, the legend isn’t true and the fortress is much younger … but both of them are nice!

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Are you affraid of exchanging money in Prague? Take it easy! I’ve been looking for the best exchange office in the last 14 years. And now I’m going to share all the secrets with you. It takes only 5 minutes of your time to become an expert!

There are millions of posts about the Czech currency on the internet. But can you really trust them? Do you have to withdraw the Czech money from the ATMs? Do you have to go to a bank? Is it better to use EUR or USD? … well, you can try it! Or you can listen to a young guy who was born in Prague and wants to share his knowledge with you!

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Greetings from Prague, Czech Republic! Today, I’m going to tell you everything important about the last 14 years of my life when I’ve worked as a tourist guide in Prague and the Czech Republic.

In 1997, when I was the high school student, I met a girl from Prague. Later on I met her pretty sister Lucy. She worked as a tourist guide in Prague. To be honest, from the beginning, I fell in love with Lucy and not with the profession. Anyway I started guiding in Italian language (btw. I speak Italian much better than English) and it wasn’t so difficult … well, I’m from Prague, I’m able to invent stories, and in 1997 most of the tourists just wanted to have some fun.

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